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What is Brand Protection?

What is Brand Protection?

Building a successful brand is only half the battle. The other half is defending your brand. Every successful company does this. You don’t want to let all the effort you put into your product research and development, marketing, public relations, and other endeavors just to have what you have snatched away because you failed to install the necessary brand protection measures.


The Legalities of Brand Protection

It is paramount that you get all your products copyrighted to prevent other companies from stealing them and claiming them as their own. Many companies get copyright even for products that are currently deemed useless. After all, there’s always a chance that they might become useful in the future. You should also trademark any unique element that can be directly associated with your brand. This includes elements of design such as your logo or the style of packaging you use for your products.


Through copyrights and trademarks, you can legally prevent others from trying to imitate your business or your products to deceive consumers. Though copycat businesses are quite rare in America, you can never be too safe. In addition, getting the necessary copyrights and trademarks today will make things less complicated in the event that your business expands overseas, especially in countries where copycat businesses are rampant.


Fighting Against Counterfeiting

Combatting counterfeits is one of the primary reasons for having brand protection. Counterfeits not only take away potential sales profits, but they can also negatively impact your reputation. Counterfeits are inferior replicas of your products. They use the same styling, design, colors, etc. to appear as authentic as possible. They are priced significantly lower than your original products so they end up competing with your businesses. Some consumers might even buy counterfeits thinking they are the real thing. When this happens, the consumer might turn on your brand once the inferiority of the product becomes evident since that consumer is not aware that what he bought is a counterfeit.


The counterfeiting industry is booming and is now stronger than ever before. Therefore, you should spare no expense in implementing brand protection measures. A good reputation is the lifeblood of any businesses and counterfeits are a major threat to that reputation. Protect your business and your products with copyrights and trademarks or counterfeiters might even succeed in stealing your intellectual property.


Counterfeiting on the Internet

Online shopping is currently dominating the market. Today, more people shop online than at local stores. This is due to the unmatched convenience of ordering online and having the product mailed to you. This eliminates the need to go out of the house when you shop. Online shopping also offers an unparalleled range of product choices and competitive prices. The success of the online marketplace, however, has also attracted the attention of counterfeiters.


Counterfeiters are now increasingly focusing on online sellers. They can copy the look and feel of your online stores to try to trick consumers into buying their counterfeit items. The government is constantly cracking down on such counterfeiting schemes but there are no indications that counterfeits will go away anytime soon. So just err on the safe side and do not neglect brand protection.


Brand protection can be a complicated endeavor. It is more prudent to hire an expert than try to do it on your own. We at Integrity Reputation Marketing are here to help you safeguard your brand. For more consistency and no negativity, visit www.integrityreputationmarketing.com. We capitalize on trust, integrity, and reputation to establish your online presence.

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