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Three Steps to Online Reputation Marketing Success

Three Steps to Online Reputation Marketing Success

The best type of online reputation is one built on positive customer reviews. This is why online reputation marketing has quickly become the most preferred form reputation-building. It is considered by experts to be even more powerful than increasing social media mentions, establishing authority in online forums, and even getting featured in traditional press.


So, how exactly do we succeed in online reputation marketing? Let’s take a closer look at the three steps needed to do so.


Monitoring – Know What Your Customers Are Saying

You can’t properly improve something if you don’t even know what its current status actually is. Hence, you must first know what your customers and saying about you before you can attempt to improve your reputation. You can invest in online review monitoring software to make things easier for you. However, such software often costs a significant chunk of money that most small businesses can’t afford.


If you don’t have the budget to buy review monitoring software, you have no choice but to go manual. Claim all your online listings and activate their respective alerts. Make sure you check for new reviews regularly, daily if possible. Reply to reviews whenever you can, especially negative ones. You don’t want them to be out there in the open left unaddressed by you. For positive reviews, a simple “Thank you” can go a long way.


Acquisition – Get More Reviews

Now that you know where you stand, it’s time to focus on gathering authentic positive reviews that will serve as the foundation of your new and improved online reputation. The first thing you need to do is encourage satisfied customers to talk about their experience. You’d be surprised at how many happy customers do not leave reviews simply because they didn’t think about. Some also simply forget while some just find the process too cumbersome.


To maximize your chances of getting a review, remind each consumer to rate your product at strategic points in the buying process. Send them automated follow up emails that ask them to tell everyone what they think. And make sure leaving reviews about your product is quick and easy. The fewer clicks one needs to get into writing the review, the better.


Amplification: Use Your Reviews in Your Sales & Marketing Funnels

Getting your desired number of positive reviews is not the end. You should make the most out of those reviews. Leverage them by amplifying their signal. Make it easier for other consumers to see them. Set up a Testimonials section for your website where you can showcase your best reviews. However, simply displaying the reviews on your website probably won’t do much.


Consumers today are pretty skeptical. If they see a testimonial on your website, they will likely just discount it as made up. To combat this, you can link the actual review left on the third-party website where it was originally posted. These websites generally have their own vetting processes to make sure published reviews are authentic so consumers tend to trust them more.


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