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Reputation Marketing

What ONE FACTOR can make or break ALL other marketing strategies? Your Reputation

Our Solution: Reputation Marketing

Without a doubt, Reputation Marketing has become the single most important strategy that any business can implement. The game changing events that have occurred in the online marketing world now make your reputation more important than ever. Traditional forms of online and offline marketing such as SEO, pay per click, social media, print ads, TV ads, and many more are no longer effective UNLESS you have a 5-star reputation. For that reason, Reputation Marketing has become our premium service.

… Verses Reputation Management

There are a lot of companies that offer reputation management services but that alone is simply not effective because it doesn’t get the phone ringing. Management is a very defensive position whereby marketing is a very offensive position. A reputation management service mainly utilizes the processes of tracking and monitoring a company’s presence or reputation and does not take a proactive approach to creating a five-star reputation and then leveraging that reputation.

“You don’t make money by managing. You make money by marketing.”


Monitor the top review sites and know what customers are saying about you.

Manage Your Reputation

Our proprietary tracking system monitors your reviews and provides daily review alerts and bi-weekly reports.


Positive customer reviews make you appear more trustworthy online.

Build Your Reputation

Custom-designed marketing materials and systems make it easy for your customers to leave reviews


Let everyone know you’re the company to do business with!

Market Your Reputation

Get your 5-star reviews prominently displayed on your website and off site blogs or social media sites.

When you partner with us…

As one of our valued clients, we will manage, build, and market your 5-star reputation online. You will be recognized as the leader in your market while enjoying increased brand awareness, visibility, and profits.

Our proprietary systems and strategies utilize various proven components such as:

    • Effective posting strategies to ensure that your reviews have the best chance of being noticed online
    • Location based reporting so you can track how each of your offices are performing with regards to reviews
    • Personalized Reputation Marketing training center for each of your staff members

    Will your prospects choose your business?

    Hundreds if not thousands of people are online every day looking for the products and services you sell. When they find you, will they see you as an insurance agency they want to do business with? It has been surveyed that 70% of consumers trust a business with a minimum of 16 to 30 online reviews. If you don’t have that five-star reputation your prospects have come to expect of a business, they will not call you. Your reputation really is THAT influential.

    So you already have a great reputation online?

    That’s wonderful if you already have a great reputation online. But consider this fact, you are always only one customer away from a bad review and a deteriorating reputation. Everyone occasionally has a bad day, and a first time customer could easily get the wrong impression about your business and leave a bad review. You could even be doing everything right and the new customer could be having a bad day, which causes them to not experience your service as great as it is. To make matters worse, you may not even be aware of the review that grumpy customer left, unless you have a system like ours in place to monitor such events and immediately address the issue and possibly even resolve it. Not to mention the heavy local competition.

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    Integrity Reputation Marketing services insurance agencies from Independent State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Independent, Farmers, in cities large and small across the United States on an exclusive city by city basis.  Get in touch and find out if your area is still available  by visiting our contact us page or  “Call Us Today at: 1-844-314-8444”

    Your Agency Reputation Report

    Integrity is a company that was founded on helping local insurance agency owners and that is what we do every single day. Our aim is to improve the reputations of our clients to increase their business ROI.

    Part of helping local insurance agency owners is our “Reputation Report”. These reports allow you to get a full understanding of your business online. Know exactly how your business is being seen on third-party websites.

    The reports will also show your online reputation for your agency by collecting all your reviews from around the web and giving you a grade.

    To increase Google Maps listing, your N.A.P. information (Name, Address, Phone) needs to be exactly the same across all local business directories.

    The report is there to allow you to go and edit your business listings to improve customer experience and also improve your business online.

    Integrity provides these reports for FREE along with a 15 minute business consultation with one of our experts…and there is no charge for getting a report for your business.

    If you want to end your marketing frustrations

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