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An Easy Guide on Online Review Management

An Easy Guide on Online Review Management


Online reviews highly impact your business. Because of the rise of the internet, people expresses their thoughts and opinions about anything and everything under the sun. The internet is the way that people tell the world whether they love or hate your business or product. Online reviews are the basis of buyers before they buy products and services.


You can find online reviews of your business through social media sites, online blogs, forums, and review sites. You should not be afraid of your online reviews even if they are a mix of good and bad. You can manage and address reviews properly by taking charge of your online reputation.


Here are a few tips on how you can manage your online reviews properly:


Monitor your reviews closely


You have to proactively deal with online reviews. Maintain a regular schedule for checking reviews and don’t do it just when you feel like checking it. You have to take note of the recency of positive reviews. If they are old, they have a lesser impact on other people’s opinion.


You will have better control of your business online by claiming your business profiles. You can also create ones on your own. Owning the listings mean that you have more control over what they say about you because you can easily monitor them.


To make it easier, you can opt to use review monitoring tools. This can streamline your business’ online review management. This is faster and easier but can never take the place of using actual review monitoring. Have someone or a person who will keep an eye in monitoring online reviews.


Turn negative reviews into positive


When it comes to business, chances are there are people who will not be pleased. Negative reviews and feedbacks will be there. But fear not, there are ways that you can do to turn your negative reviews favorable to your business.


You can turn a negative review into a positive one by responding to them positively. If you receive negative feedback, it will only become worse if you ignore them. The best way to deal with them is by responding quickly and telling the customers that you care and that you are taking steps to resolve the problem.


Also, always be sure to thank the customers whether private or public. If they encounter a poor experience, apologize. Tell them that you already identified the source of the problem and that you already fixed it. Tell them that you will do everything in your power to ensure that it will never happen again. You may also offer a refund or discount for future services.


Take charge of your business’ online reputation


You can talk to an expert in taking charge of your business’ online reputation. You can earn your customers’ trust by addressing their concerns and complaints. Show them that you value doing business with them. It is surprising that positive reviews are actually born out of negative ones if you just know how to address the issues properly and in a timely manner.


If your consumers get a reply from you, they are more likely to delete the negative reviews they said about you. 34 percent of consumers will delete their original review after hearing from the business based on a research from RightNow. If you respond to negative reviews, reviewers are more enticed to do business with you again. You can expect 18% of these individuals to become your loyal customers.


After all, it is always better and easier to keep your old customers than bring in new ones. It is always worth it to turn unhappy customers into converted happy loyal ones.


Boost your reviews


You can always respond to negative reviews but it is better if you have positive reviews from the beginning. You have to be proactive in maintaining and fixing the balance. If you have happy customers, they will be more than happy and willing to put that into writing. All you have to do is to convince them by asking for reviews flat out. You can also encourage your customers to read your online reviews. Doing so will likely entice them to also add their own positive feedback about you.


Online review management can be overwhelming especially for people who are working as small businesses. You need to have knowledge and understanding on how online reviews work so you may properly utilize it for your advantage.


There are tools and services that can help you turn your negative feedbacks into positive ones. Make your online reputation work for you so you may achieve the success that you are dreaming of. You can visit our blog to learn more about online reputation management or you can contact us at Integrity Reputation Marketing so we can schedule your phone appointment with our CEO.


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