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Top 4 Tips for an Effective Brand Protection Strategy

Top 4 Tips for an Effective Brand Protection Strategy

Online brand protection is constantly changing because the digital landscape is always shifting. This makes it hard to formulate and maintain an effective brand protection strategy. But do not fret. As long as you concentrate on the right areas, you’ll still be able to safeguard your business and keep your niche in the market. To help you out, here are 4 powerful tips to help you create and implement an effective brand protection strategy.


Create Brand Guidelines

You cannot succeed in this digital age if you do not have a robust, well-defined, and recognizable brand persona. And for that, you need to establish specific guidelines to make sure that your persona remains unique and consistent. For ease of management, you should divide your guidelines into two sections: internal guidelines and external guidelines.


Internal Brand Guidelines

Your internal brand guidelines will serve as a guide to everyone within your company especially your marketing teams, communications teams, and anyone else involved in the creation of your content. To maintain consistency across all sites, it’s best to have a centralized structure for your content creation personnel. Even web domains should be approved by a single person before your business registers for them. Be specific with what social media channels you should be using for your marketing and promotional efforts. Specify the things that employees are allowed and not allowed to say about your brand in their personal social media accounts. Lastly, employ a zero tolerance policy when it comes to compliance with your internal brand guidelines.

External Brand Guidelines

Your external guidelines are for all your partners and affiliates. The guidelines will determine what your associates can and cannot do in terms of domain names and social media accounts. To play it safe, you can just not permit any third-party from using your brand name in their domain name or social media handles. Also, include whether or not affiliates can use your brand’s logo or images.

Go Social

Social media is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing tool for the current generation. However, you need to exercise caution in its use. Social media can be a bane or a boon depending on how you used it. when utilized properly, it allows you to conduct effective promotion and communication with your customers and target audiences at very low to zero cost. Just one wrong or offensive post, however, can ruin your brand’s reputation for years or even permanently. Constantly post content your audience will find useful or at least interesting. Monitor what people say about your brand in social media. Have strict guidelines on which kinds of posts are and are not allowed.


Focus on High-value Targets

Don’t attempt to go after everyone that tries to fraudulently use your intellectual properties (IPs) and copyrighted/trademarked assets. You’ll just end up spreading yourself too thin leading you to exhaust your resources without accomplishing anything. Just concentrate on the biggest targets or those that have the potential to cost the most damage. Counterfeiters often operate as a part of an organized criminal gang. Look for them in public listings across the internet. Also, give the dark web a peek from time to time.


Secure Your Assets

It’s better to be safe than sorry so be thorough. Register under your brand every single platform that you use, including those you barely use. In fact, go and register even those that you don’t use just in case you’ll find some use for them in the future. Review the security of your websites, social media accounts, etc. on a regular basis. Always keep all software and tools up-to-date. Implement multi-factor authentication across your domain infrastructure.


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