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Using Data-Driven Results in Boosting Brand Protection

In every purchase that is being made, what matters most is that one click and where that click happens. Having a million web visitors don’t count if the users leave before they buy. Selecting which marketplace to protect is tricky because if there is no purchase, all your brand protection efforts just go to waste.


The thing about data is that it gives you the right information you need to help you save time and money. Data allows you to know the places where buyers are spending less time on and from there, you can target your online protection strategy.


When searching online using search engines, the same protocol is used. Pages one results take on 91 percent of the traffic. Beyond that, it’s a different story. This is why you have to prioritize listings that your consumers see by using native marketplace technology.


Insights on this will be discussed by MarkMonitor experts Akino Chikada and Mary Jenkins on their webinar. They will also discuss trending platforms and tips on taking action against infringers.


Digital Evolution and How to Keep Up


Online platform and continuously changing and progressing. The change is happening so fast that it gets harder to keep up. There are various marketplace enforcement policies updates to FlipKart and not to forget eBay India shutdown. Because of monitoring infringements, every platform that is being used will be different and will have continuously updated requirements.


It is very essential that you acquire a seamless reporting portal. This can greatly help in your efforts as you might be asked for copyright proof, brand identifiers, documentation and contact information multiple times and across different formats.


Evolution is happening in the complex digital world that we have. It is vital to stay informed and updated on the latest in brand protection. We always have to be aware of the changes that occur in processes like trademarking, enforcements, legal documentation, and others.


Learn the latest and current news on different brand protection tools you can use. Knowledge is your armor so keep yourself informed at all times.

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