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The Truth About Reputation Marketing

One way or another, you have heard about the concept of reputation marketing. Whether your practice had negative press or ratings or perhaps there are the fear and worry of your practice getting into one – reputation marketing is really something worth considering.

Nobody wants negative press and negative reviews. This is where reputation management comes in. It focuses on restoring a positive reputation for your practice especially when you had bad reviews. Patient review sites are becoming a trend these days and are opportunities for you to market your practice. You can show off the positives about your practice and satisfied customers are already probably sharing the news with their families and friends. It would be a great idea to elevate that success online via positive comments online.

All this idea will be possible with reputation marketing. The main focus of reputation marketing dwells in taking control of your reputation to highlight your strengths. It has a very similar concept to reputation management.

Promoting Your Practice Through Reputation Management

There are an individual and overall average of scores that are available online. Review sites such as HealthGrades and Vitals are Google listings will show up when you try to search Google for your practice’s name of doctors in your practice. Each review site offers more than 10 reviews especially if you are engaged in acquiring patient reviews and is located in an active market.

Numbers can really be biased and it may create an inaccurate misrepresentation of your practice. Most patients who post reviews online only take to write when they are upset or they cannot take any more. Even if a majority of your patients are happy, if other people search online and see a low score average, that may be concerning. It is important to use the reviews to show off your happy customers for more positive feedback.

Reputation marketing is not just about not having negative comments from patients. Reputation marketing is there to build your online reputation, make it stronger and more accurate. By collecting as many positive reviews as possible from your satisfied patients, you can show off those positive comments to other patients.

How to Make Reputation Marketing Work

Reputation marketing works by building up your practice’s reputation in search results and catching patient’s attention when they are looking for a physician. When you properly show off patient’s positive comments on your practice, the probability is high that you will be on top of search results.

Reputation marketing is not scamming or cheating your way into gaining more reviews. It is just providing real comments from real patients so that potential patients will see them when they search for your practice online. It just serves as an idea of what they can expect if they go and choose you.

There are different ways that you can do to apply reputation marketing into your practice. An option that you can do is to go on review sites such as HealthGrades and Vitals and claim your profiles. You can then ask your patients to go there and leave their comments. Also at the end of every appointment, you can hand out cards with URLs or send emails with links to your listings on these sites. Using this method may take some time to accomplish the number of reviews that you desire as most patients forget or get too busy to visit the site and fill out surveys.

The best thing that you can do is to collect patient reviews at the end of their appointments while they are still in your office. One survey is all you need and their permission to allow you to post those reviews online on online review sites. This is a very simple yet effective way of quickly building up your number of reviews online.

Reputation marketing can do more than just providing a positive representation of your practice online. Ranking in local search results will increase as you begin to build up positive online reviews. Over time, you will be the most dominant option since Google looks at the positive and current reviews that you have.

Reputation marketing is the proactive approach to your practice’s reputation while reputation management is reactive in nature. Reputation marketing deals with showing off your positives rather than disguising or covering up all the negatives.

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