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Online Reviews Improvement Through Ethical Techniques and Strategies

You may not be aware of it but it is a necessity to manage your business reviews. Better reviews mean attracting more customers that lead to more sales and revenues.


Buying decisions are highly affected by online reviews. These reviews serve as excellent resources for consumers and businesses. Online reviews and rating system are the cyber version of the then very popular word of mouth. Both of which are key players for consumers; decisions in choosing a product over the other. With the majority of people going online, it is a must to maximize the potential of online reviews for your business.


Online Review Management Strategies


It is nothing but normal to be concerned about people’s thoughts and perceptions are about you. Online reviews are so popular that you want to be aware of whether your name is lifted up or being tarnished. We all know that not all review sites are created equal. A trusted site like Yelp is more of an option to be checked by savvy consumers over a more unfamiliar site that might be called


If you are hoping to delete or mitigate negative reviews, you might want to seek out online review management strategies. These are the things that you should expect if you are going to work with someone who helps in managing online reviews for businesses. Look for some of these pointers if you want a comprehensive strategy:

  • Availability of focused customer outreach positive reviews without bribery that is posted on popular sites like City Search, Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Reviews, Facebook, and Merchant Circle.
  • Removal of negative reviews when applicable such as when it violates the terms of service or promote legitimate falsehoods. You have to come up with a more proactive strategy if your reviews are negative and truthful.
  • Badges and signage for Yelp and other review sites on their websites, storefronts, withing direct advertising, or email newsletters. Online word of mouth will be encouraged if you have satisfied customers.
  • Monitoring and responding to online reviews consistently


Even when you have every strategy set-up, you can’t help but instill in your mind that different reviews can drag your business down for no apparent reason. People are always fickle-minded and that is just that.


You always have to be proactive in order to fight bad reviews from customers and competitors. There are ways that you can do to develop and implement a review management strategy.


Intercept the customer

If you want to have better star-ratings, you can request feedback from customers during and just after the end of the sales cycle. This always gives the customers a more positive experience and are more likely to give you a good feedback.


Some management tools are also available to automate and ask whether a customer had a good experience or not. It works like this –  customers with good experiences are directed to make a comment on specific review sites while customers who report bad experiences should be addressed immediately.


Reviews that Violate TOS should be removed

You can remove a content if the reviewers violate the site’s Terms of Services (TOS). You can request reviews to be removed if the reasons include inappropriate content, intellectual property issues, privacy issues, promotional reviews and more.


Review Management Is Treated As One Piece of the Pie

It takes more than monitoring online reviews to drive your business’s positive image for the long-haul. A sturdy review management strategy is important but it only represents one piece of the larger pie of your digital image. You can visit our blog to learn more about online reputation management or you can contact us at Integrity Reputation Marketing so we can schedule your phone appointment with our CEO.

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