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What Is Reputation Marketing

What Is Reputation Marketing?


What makes companies like Apple become popular? The idea is nothing new. It is all thanks to reputation marketing. Reputation Marketing is a way of thinking about your reputation and the same thinking about your marketing. You can expect more growth and success for your brand if you have an established and positive brand reputation. Apple is popular because they have built a reputation of being a company that is user-friendly and provides great customer experience.


In the digital age that we live in, we are more responsible and more careful on what we post online. This is especially true if you are fresh from college and just applying for a job. You have to be picky on what you post because social media posts are a reflection of your online brand reputation. This can highly affect your chances in landing on your dream job.


Be it for personal or business purposes, a positive reputation greatly matters. People who are searching for a business online will quickly turn away if they see negative reviews about your company. Nobody wants to be associated with someone who has a bad reputation.


In most situations, companies don’t consider reputation management until a company crisis occurs. There is minimal need for reputation management if you have a proper reputation marketing.


When it comes to brands, emotional responses tag along. Chances are you can gain a positive or a negative response coming from your customers, It is essential to ensure that you stay on top of your reputation by providing only positive feeling to people so that they will always be happy and loyal to you. This will elicit good feedback all the time.


Promote Your Brand With Reputation Marketing


There are various ways that you can utilize reputation marketing to promote your brand. Here are some of them:


Get more reviews

Businesses win more clients based on reviews about them – positive reviews of course. Customers these days are more inclined to writing reviews when they have an intense feeling about a product or an experience. If your customer is happy about your product, use this chance to promote your brand and ask them for a review. The more positive reviews and feedback you get, the more that other people are likely to choose you over your competitor.


Brand Reputation Monitoring and Management

The most popular route that consumers go to when checking for a new business is researching online. 63.6 percent of consumers are more likely to check out online reviews on Google even before they visit the physical location of the business itself. Majority of the consumers trust Google more than any other review site.


It is important to pay attention and to always be aware of what consumers are saying about your business. Consumers constantly check online to see new businesses. Be there when reviews are posted so you may respond or counter what they have to say in a timely manner.


Based on 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey, 53 percent of customers expect their negative responses to be responded by businesses within a week. But this is almost not happening. Businesses always fail on this part. This is why it is important for your business to utilize reputation marketing. Reputation marketing analyzes customer feedback.


Improve Operations with Customer Feedback

Listening to customer feedback will greatly affect the way your business operations go. You can opt to make operational changes based on customer insights. If you notice a trend or review of your food being served cold, do something about it. Make sure that the next meals you serve are all warm and hot to your customer’s liking.


Your business will boom with positive and good feedback if you learn to listen and act on improvements. Your efforts will not go down the drain for sure. Happy customers mean more positive feedbacks and reviews. If customers see improvement, they will surely put it into writing and talk about it in social media. From there, expect your business to transform.


Reputation marketing can do a lot for your business. Online reputation establishes the way people think and feel about you. Make sure to consider reputation marketing if you are on your way to building a brand or a business. There are great potentials and advantages waiting for you if you properly incorporate reputation marketing into your business.  You can visit our blog to learn more about online reputation management or you can contact us at Integrity Reputation Marketing so we can schedule your phone appointment with our CEO.

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