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What Is Reputation Marketing and Why Do You Need it

What Is Reputation Marketing and Why Do You Need it?

Reputation marketing is all about facilitating the creation of a positive image for your brand and then reinforcing that image to make it even more powerful. It is based on the premise that the more positive your brand reputation is, the faster your potential for growth becomes. Apple is one of the most popular brands that have successfully leveraged their glowing reputation so they can grow more rapidly. Apple has managed to build the reputation of being a user-friendly company that prioritizes the provision of a great customer experience.


Reputation Marketing is About Being Proactive

Reputation marketing focuses on building a reputation so robust that it can withstand any public relations crisis. This approach is the polar opposite of that of reputation management. As Forbes contributor Steve Olenski so aptly put it, “Many brands don’t think about reputation management until a company crisis occurs. They are thinking of reputation management when they should be focusing on reputation marketing.”


Many individuals perform reputation marketing without being aware of it. The most obvious example is when you are about to finish college and you start auditing your social media profiles so you can remove anything that might negatively impact your chances of getting hired. You are advised to do this because in this digital age, a positive online reputation has become mandatory to get a job. Scouring a candidate’s social media history has become a standard step for HR personnel when it comes to screening applicants.


Positive Online Reviews Hold the Key

Encouraging positive online reviews is the centerpiece of any reputation marketing strategy. Favorable reviews not only bolster your brand’s reputation, they even serve as a means to promote your business. An increasing number of consumers are becoming willing to spend a few minutes to leave behind a review of their experience. You need to capitalize on this.


One of the most exemplary reputation marketing campaigns in recent years was conducted by the multi-channel retailer Concourse Sports. With just four different email campaigns, the company was able to increase the number of reviews for their online stores by a whopping 2,800%. This translated to a 22% increase in organic sales.


Managing Negative Reviews is Essential

Do not ignore negative reviews. 65% of consumers read online reviews before visiting the actual website of the business they are thinking of buying from. If the first thing they see on their search is a negative review, they will most likely look elsewhere. Pay attention to what your audience is saying and make sure to respond to any negative review in a timely manner.


Over 50% of consumers expect businesses to respond to their negative online review within a week. Unfortunately, more than 60% of businesses fail to do so. When a negative review is left unaddressed, anyone who sees it will think that everything stated in it is true. On the other hand, if you leave behind a reasonable reply, consumers will likely give you the benefit of the doubt.


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